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Elizabeth married the Emperor of Austria when she was sixteen years old. Her youth, background and home life provided none of the qualities needed to fulfil the role of an Empress at the Habsburg court of Vienna. Her husband equally lacked the necessary qualities or skills to support her against the constant pressure of her over-bearing mother-in-law, the Archduchess Sophie, who sought to control and influence their lives.

Travelling and her passion for horse riding became the principle activities by which she could escape. One of her sisters, Marie Sophie, had married into the family of the King of The Two Sicilies and she and her husband were briefly the Monarchs until deposed by Garibaldi in 1861. This led her to also lead a peripatetic life around Europe socialising with many of the royal families and nobility.

In 1873 a big international exhibition was held in Vienna and our Prince of Wales (the future King Edward VII) visited it and whilst in Vienna met the Empress and talked to her about horses and hunting. He told her about the hunts held in England and encouraged her to visit during the hunting season.


Elizabeth's visits to Britain were from 1874 to 1887

1874Steephill Castle, Ventnor, Isle of Wight

1876 Easton Neston, Towcester, Northants

1877  Cottesbrooke, Northants

1879 & 1880 Summerhill, Meath, Ireland

1881 & 1882 Combermere Abbey, Cheshire

1887  Tuckers Hotel, Cromer, Norfolk


French forum dedicated to the figure of Sisi, very interesting and full of documents.
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The "Memorial Charity Bazaar" is an association of families of victims of the fire at the charity bazaar which took place in Paris on 4 May 1897.
The association perpetuates the memory of the victims and ensure the maintenance of the chapel erected on the site of the tragedy.

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Sisi’s Road leads to many places which played a significant role in the life of Elisabeth, born in Bavaria into the House of Wittelsbach and lovingly called “Sisi” in her childhood and youth. Through her marriage to Emperor Franz Joseph I of Habsburg, she became Empress of Austria which included rule over much of modern-day Italy. Only a few years later she was also crowned Queen of Hungary. The unconventional Elisabeth, especially fond of horseback riding and traveling, was long considered the most beautiful woman of her time.

Sisi’s Road is a European route leading to castles and cities which were a part of the monarch’s life. Its highlights are recommended for individual tourists as well as groups: large cities, castles, monuments, museums, gardens and parks.

When the German TV-magazine HÖRZU presented “The most beautiful dream roads in the world” in 2003, Sisi’s Road was among the 12 touristic routes and one of four in Europe. Today Sisi’s Road leads to Bavaria, through Austria and Hungary, since 2004 through Italy to the Adriatic coast, and since 2008 also to Geneva in Switzerland where the life of the Austrian Empress and Queen of Hungary ended in 1898. But Sisi’s legend lives on …

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Intresting forum about Family Romanov and other Royaity 

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Mayerling no myth! On 30 January, 1889, Crown Prince Rudolf, died at his hunting lodge in Mayerling, Lower Austria. Today, the most dramatic place in Austria and the memorial include the "conventus S. Jos. Mayer Lingens M. M. Carmel. Disc "of the most visited cultural heritage of Lower Austria! For 1.6 million euros a modern visitor center site will be established from April to October 2014 in mayerling what Carmel always up to date on its website

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First Internet Museum - of EMPEROR FRANZ JOSEF I - Wihelm II and First World War

welcome to our new globally unique website. It will for sure hold your interests with the capacity and its wide range.

We started a new dimension in internet communication and transmission of simple information, but also, we offer you the same real joy as in the real museum.

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Welcome to the “The World of the Habsburgs” –  a virtual exhibition showcasing the history of the Habsburgs and their times.

The multimedia maps, family tree, media centre and navigable timeline provide interactive access to the contents. The text version provides the “classical” text access

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House of Esterházy de Galántha 

 information about the Esterházy de Galántha family. The origin of the family can be shown to be owned division of the Danube island bulk between Peter and Elias Szerházy Illyésházy in 1238 in a document.Of this family was part of the first maid of honor Sisithe famous Countess Esterazy; placed at the side of the young Sisi from the Archduchess Sophia. In fact, the Countess Esterazy called Sofia and was born Princess of Leinchenstein and acquisitions that title by marrying

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Elisabeth von Wittelsbach

Elisabeth Amalia Eugenia von Wittelsbach was born on 24 Diciembrede 1837 in Munich. In the April 24, 1854 it was transformed into Empress of Austria

Beautiful site on stopria well articulated, and the life of the Empress world's most famous dare say.
Beautiful photomontages moving ...... its a site to visit

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This is the new blog just opened on Adelgonda Princess of Bavaria, Duchess of the Duchy then Habsburg / Este of Modena.
She was the first cousin of both Sisi that Franz. The two women attended by both young girls as brides who, meeting in various places.
We look forward to visit this blog.
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Royal Magazin

Royal Jewels – Jewellery and Treasure of Royals and Aristocracy
........................visit this site

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Erzebeth Kyralyne

Site dedicated to the monuments and statues to the glory of Elizabeth

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Schönbrunn Palace Imperial attractions in the Palace and the gardens (official site )

Schönbrunn Palace is a World Cultural Heritage site and Austria's most-visited sight. The baroque total work of art consisting of palace and gardens was for centuries the property of the Habsburgs and is today largely in its original condition. Visitors will find numerous attractions here, from a tour through the authentically furnished residential and ceremonial rooms of the Imperial Family in the palace, to the maze and the labyrinth in the gardens and a separate Children's Museum

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Official site of Achilleion ( Corfù )

There, where your imagination is free to run wild, the fairy tale becomes one with reality; good, evil and even the truth become one with the legend. A strange sense of awe overwhelms anyone that gazes over the imposing form of the Palace which dominates the area with its presence, residing between the cypress trees and other exotic plants and flowers which surround it.

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Official site about Hoel Beau Rivage in Geneve

Beau-Rivage, founded by the Mayer family in 1865, is sought out by guests looking for a traditional luxury which has sacrificed nothing of its refined discretion and its intimacy.

Hotel legendary for being the place where Empress “Sissi” and the great men and women of history have left their mark, has been at the forefront of hospitality for more than four generations.

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