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Letters from a mother in law of Sisi : Sofia.

Letter Archduchess Sofia to an acquaintance after meet Sisi and Franz: "I waited for a good hour Luise (the Duchess Ludovica) on a large farm on Strobl, for a wretched headache that had tormented her all night in Traunstein, had delayed the... departure of two hours ........ ........ Luise and I accompanied two dear daughters at the hotel .............. but then I note with deep pleasure that Sisi chose to reorganize itself with grace and skill, the beautiful hair. So, with his mother, came to us, where the company had already taken and the souper. I immediately presented to the most important people in my boudoir ........... we remained undisturbed family in my living room ................ Towards half past eight there was the dance, and the young, as expected, had fun. I tell you that I really liked Sisi ................. "


"My dear beloved Amalia From eight in the morning our beloved Franzi is the unspeakably bright and happy boyfriend of 'lovable Sissi, who appeared to me very dear, loving, happy and excited. Slide I saw tears on her sweet face when clinging to me like a child, he assured me they want to live up to expectations and my Emperor, and even when I explained how I could make him happy. My good husband, dear Luise (Ludovica's mother Sissi ) and all the others, the Lords no less than the Lord, appeared delighted, cried they, too, of joy, especially the faithful Czenin, to which the Emperor announced the news today.Your album (probably a gift for the birthday of franz Josef) immediately liked. The little bride, with her doing graceful, modest and polite, with his grace and loveliness has made a big impression as the rest Lenga (one of the nicknames of Helene, sister of Sissi) About eleven o'clock we go to church to thank God torque provisions and ask for his assistance. Later, at one o'clock, and reach the Halstatt Waldbach for ilpranzo. I'll tell you what my son is a voice prompt, clear and frank on this occasion. Now hurry my dear. You salutodi all my heart and I ask you and Schamhorst (maid of honor of Princess Anna von Wasa) to pray for the young couple.S (Sofia)PS The Emperor is pleased that the issue has been resolved in substance already yesterday, the day of his birthday, when, before dinner, Luise spoke to Sissi in his name. The day before yesterday there was a dance, and at midnight, when it is finished, I presented Franzi your birthday wishes dear Amalia. The happy Luise and also Elisa (Queen of Prussia, sister of the Duchess Ludovica and Archduchess Sofia) kiss you warmly, and kiss your hands, my husband and children, and in particular how the new boyfriend "(Unpublished letter Archduchess Sofia's cousin and best friend Anna von Wasa written Ischl August 19, 1853)From the "Empress Elisabeth" by Gabriele Praschl-

Letter from Franz Josef's mother (the first is supposed to) after the engagement: "Yesterday I received your dear letter of the day 3. I can never thank you enough for all the love and goodness with which he assisted me in the beautiful day...s (refers to engagement with Elisabeth) of Ischl ...... ............. It 'been a jump hard and difficult, that dla apradiso terrestrial existence Ischl this paper and nails me to the desk and rlative efforts and concerns ................. I look with infinite longing westward (to Bavaria, where he lived Elsiabetta) I always consider his devoted son Franz " (Schonbrunn September 6, 1856)


An Emperor's love letter to his mother "I can hardly wait for the moment when I reach Possenhofen to review Sisi, which I do not think. I wrote two very affectionate letters that have made me very happy ............. I did make a thumbnail of a portrait of me and I sent it to Sisi mounted in a diamond bracelet very nice " (Schonbrunn September 15, 1853)


"I went to Villa Hermes, to breathe some fresh air (...........) I looked long your window and melancholy thoughts came back to the days that we spent together in that dear villa. in the evening I took the milk based cream and sour milk in your creamery (.......) your little " Letter from Franz Josef to Elisabeth August 30, 1898


"The day before yesterday evening, before going to bed, I was happily surprised by your dear letter, further proof that you think of me and want me bene.Mi expected to receive information only from your entourage., And I was really hoping that I would have written. thank you so much " Franz Josef letter to Elisabeth Ischl July 21, 1898

about her .........

"The augustwoman" passage in Genoa is the Sisi teenager Possenhofen.'s Not the unrealSissi films Marischka, which has never existed and does not look like RomySchneider.'s Not even the Beatrice decadent Constantin Christomanos, one whoutters aphorisms as "The sea wants me, knows that I belong to him."  

The woman down the Principe Station should be called Elisabeth of Austria, Majesty, Kaiserin,Empress, but the sources of your stay in Genoa agree: "the desire topreserve the most complete incognito around her trip," "SM travelingin the strictest unknown and under the name of Lady Parker "or"Countess Hohenembs. "Its appearance is simple, the dress is black and"his person" is "slim and slender", not androgynous say,"like a cypress on the sky," in the poetic dream of Christomanos. Thepsychological subjection evokes the great poem, "Do not approdavo perhapsa Dante's" new life "?». Christomanos says, emphasizing that it isfalse. The people of Genoa, between the sea and the Nunziata, receives the newlife, in the form of admiration, "but did not know, saw it as error-free,for a person of high rank." Yes, "the beauty of his face tight linesproperty under the heavy autumn color that burdened her tresses," writes D'Annunzio. But a journalist is a journalist, and what else should I say? Justa few words: "It is a beautiful figure of a woman, and even though hespent 55 years, it does not show."


"Elizabeth of Austria in the diary pages of Constantin Christomanos.".

I can not imagine a creature as you can leave this life in the manner of other mortals, since it does not belong to real life. He lives in a different atmosphere from that in which we breathe. In our eyes, his life is not a life: it could be said that still alive, is in a state that excludes life. This mystery that surrounds it, which makes it all a mystery, is for her a source of certainty: it is wrapped as in a shell, to defend the content of his soul, so that does not fade and is not offended by the relationship with the beings Human ...

  By "Elizabeth of Austria in the diary pages of Constantin Christomanos" I fixed that umbrella again and that fan - the famous black fan and the famous white parasol -, faithful companions of his outward existence and almost an integral part of his image physics. In her hand she does not have the meaning which assume other women are just emblems, shields and weapons in the service of his real being. When it is on top of a mountain on fire from the sun, and the great noon passes from rock to rock, and the loneliness sends its nostalgic appeal, then closes the white parasol that hides its head on each side, and lowers the black fan , discovering the pallor of her face: she had to tell me once Lainz. So just want to escape the externality of human life, prevent it imposes its dominion, not having to bend the rules of the "flock of animals evolved" wants to protect her from any desecration inner silence, do not want to leave the gardens barred the pain that hides itself, those gardens by which men are exiled.

By "Elizabeth of Austria in the diary pages of Constantin Christomanos" "Oh, joy!" He exclaimed, almost running. "Joy is something only passenger, an episode, a filler, while waiting for the torment that will be then. And that inevitably comes, because it is the expectation of destiny, and this is the end toward which all our lives. It is the saddest thing in the world, and therefore also the most beautiful. All creatures of beauty await their fate, and when they are not distracted are also sad. There, now I'm forced to run again, because I was too long away from our dear life: my Swedish doctor waiting for me to rub - for "impastarmi," as I say. In those moments I feel so little empress "So saying, he indulged in a hearty laugh. When going on my car I thought, "He laughed! Really can not laugh and never wants to laugh long as it remains in its wrapper secret. Ride only when it is touched by the fact, when he gets in touch with the things that we call human. Laugh, therefore, means to take her inside the distances themselves. " By "Elizabeth of Austria in the diary pages of Constantin Christomanos"

From the writings of her ladies-in-waiting ........... "companies of life"

"It reminds me of the girl from fairy tales.'s Good fairies came and each of them has placed in the cradle a magnificent gift: beauty, grace, dignity, intelligence, spirit. But the bad fairy came to his turn and said: > "(Festectis)

"It 's so beautiful, I've never seen such beauty. E' graceful and regal at the same time, her voice and 'sweet, and how his eyes are wonderful!" (Ida Ferenczy) " She is not a trivial sin that is always there to brood and has nothing to do" (Maria Festectis)

"There are no words to say how beautiful she was, in her dress embroidered with silver hair that fell in waves so resplendent that under the glittering tiara. But her greatest beauty is not physical in nature is rather something that hangs on his person. The most striking thing about her is like a halo, a breath of grace, sublimity, charm, freshness, purity and however greatness " Maria Festetics to marriage of Gisella