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This is a event that send me the Arckduke Markus Habsburg/Lorraine that live in Kaiservilla for the spring and summer to the next year

is about the garden of Bad ischl including also the Kaiservilla

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last August 17 in 1887 was born in Persenbeug the last Emperor of the Austro-Hungarian Empire: I. Karl Franz Joseph Ludwig Hubert Georg Otto Maria. Charles was the father of Robert Karl Ludwig (1915-1996) ∞ 1953 Margherita von Savoyen (* 1930) at which step the title Habsburgs / Este; his third son. Robert is the father of the Duke de Jure of the House Habsburg / Este and Duke of Modena: Prince Lorenz of Belgium. It is also the father of our esteemed Habsburg Archduke Martin / Este, who resides on his estate near Parma

Today we remember the birthday of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, in German: Franz Joseph I von Österreich, in Hungarian: I. Ferenc József, in Czech: František Josef I, in Slovak: František Jozef I, in Polish Józef Franciszek I, in Croatian Franjo Josip I, in Slovenian: Franc Jožef I, in Serbian: Фрањо Јосиф I, in Romanian: Francisc Iosif I, in Friulian: Francesc Josef, in Ukrainian: Франц Йосиф I. He was born August 18 in the year 1830 in Schonbrunn Castle; was Emperor of Austria (1848-1916) and King of Hungary (1867-1916). Ruled the newly reformed Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1867 and the Kingdom of Lombardy-Venetia until 1866 belonged to the house of Habsburg-Lorraine. He married the then unknown Duchess Elizabeth the Duchess Bavaria Wittelsbach; better nto the world as Sisi, Lisi or as a mispronunciation of the Italian language Sissi ............... ..alla which was made by smielati luster and definitely not close to reality and true film Sisi Mariska


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Small Special Exhibition: Faces of an Empress - as artists they saw
This year's small special exhibition from May 1 to December 14, 2014 Empress Elizabeth and Queen of Hungary under the motto: "Faces of an Empress - as artists they saw." On the basis of a variety of statues, busts, plates, medals, miniature paintings and historic photos, a wide range of works is presented.
A slide show complements Presenation.


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