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Tired Titania goes wandering in the park,
thoughtful braids melts
and composes verses new thinking in the old days,
when she lingered here to wait for the beloved


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This September I was receved to the Arckduke Markus Habsburg/Lorraine in Kaiservilla for commemorations to 100th of the death of the Princess of Bavaria Adelgonda Duchess of Modena. Adelgonda is cousin of Sisi and Franz and often go in kaiservilla.

I have give the biography of Adelgonda with signature of the author and the portrait of Adelgonda.


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Elisabetta Amalia Eugenia Wittelsbach dukess in Bavaria and Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary
Empire Austro-Hungarian

The reigning as we have no history. It only takes a parade. We are forgotten quickly, unless they give us a minimum of importance assassinandoci. "
  From "Ludwig" by Luchino Visconti


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Vaguely lonely in this world,the joy,

the life time I turned my back;

I share my life with anyone,

ever there was none that

I have understood.


 Of course,

years of enthusiasm in his youthbraided crowns

on some beautiful head;but alas,

now that time has pruned,

I realize that the spirit and soul were free!


They are surrounded by relatives,

but only to the body and blood are nearer;

ten times it locked my innerand

each access is tightly closed.


I moved quickly past without stopping,

were too narrow for me expanses of the Puszta,

the sea was calling me

and my desirescame up to the green shores of Erin.


I almost lose your soul,

was a race without peace and without pause,

another spirit had chosen,

was captivated by this forever.


The horse, the jewel to me more dear,

was replaced by blue,

in its place appeared the winged

horseand intoxicated my soul has flown.


I am fleeing from the world and its pleasures

,I now men are distant;

their happiness and their pain are alien to me;

I grieved a time that is dear to me today,

the star has changed only in heaven;

freer wings can open my spiritstranger to me now every land!


Closer and more intimate is the embrace hoursspirit of the master of my soul,

when I try to fly to the highest

goalindicated by the poet loved.

I was kidnapped with the intentto guide me in the eternal nature;

He shows me his mysteriesand relentless follow his tracks now.

And my soul is so full to burstingnot just the silent meditation,

what the waves,

must change in verse,

I commend them now to this journal.


It will keep for generationsnow safe from those who can not understand them;

it will take years full of vicissitudes,only later,

these songs will flourish.


Oh, then they can reach the goal of the master,

be a comfort to lament and cry to yourfor

those who died fighting for freedomand

on whose head the crown of martyrdom shines!


O loved ones who live in distant times to comeand

who now speaks to my soul,

will often be in your company:

will be revived when you read a poem.


Elisabeth of Austria

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