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Kaiserin Elisabeth - Keine Thranen wird man weinen
Museums of Vienna, Vienna, 1999
Catalog of the exhibition in 1999 at the Hermessvilla and dedicated to the most decadent character, with beautiful color reproductions.

Sissi, the impossible elsewhere
and. Silvana, Milan, 2000 (exhibition catalog Trieste)
The high-quality catalog of the exhibition held in Trieste few years. A valuable book that tells us, with the addition of numerous pictures, and life of the empress.
There is nothing new that we have not seen.

Elizabeth of Austria and Italy
Marano del Friuli, 2001
The visits of the Empress in Italy. The years spent in Merano, Venice, Trieste and other Italian cities, which are described in detail and enriched with numerous lithographs and photographs.

Empress Sissi rebel
Demeter, Florence, 2002
Small but comprehensive guide to learning the fundamental about the character. The great photographic apparatus and useful tables that summarize the most important dates. Republished in other edition published by Giunti.

Habsburg Maria Valeria
The favorite
MGS Press, Trieste, 2001
The Secret Diary of Archduchess Marie Valerie, the favorite daughter of Empress Elizabeth. Represents an unparalleled mine of information for all those interested in the history of Central Europe or even just to gossip on the vertices of the aristocracy all over Europe.

Avril Nicole
Mondadori, Milan, 1994
A biography that is based on sources previously collected by Hamann. I stayed in the historical and psychological reconstruction of the character. Maybe a little 'too sloppy and too "politically correct" in the way of analyzing the darkest sides of the character.

  Erika Bestenreiner
The Empress Sissi. History and destiny of Elizabeth of Austria and his brothers
Mondadori, Milan, 2005
A book that I highly recommend to everyone because in addition to analyzing the life of Empress Elisabeth, tells us in a very smooth, the story less known, but no less turbulent and unique children of the Dukes in Bavaria.

Bizjak Vinci Elena
The book of Sissi
Lint Editorial, 2006
The facts, photographs and imaginary diary of the last days of Sissi.

Bressan Marina
Traveling with Sissi. A cake for her majesty
Editions of Laguna, Gorizia, 2005
Original collection of recipes from the Austrian court: for those who love the sweet Austrian, Veneto and Friuli.

Burnat Elisabeth
Sissi on the throne of the Habsburgs
Fratelli Fabbri Editori, Milan, 1968
Pink romance inspired by the love affairs that involved Sissi and Count Gyula Andrassy.

Burnat Elisabeth
The story of Sissi - Empress of the people
Sonzogno, Milan, 1998
History (too) fictionalized Empress Sissi.

Daniela Casini
Franz & Sissi. Inside the myth
Mgs Press, Trieste, 2000
Elizabeth and Francis Joseph analyzed by a psychiatrist. A literary author, to be able to narrate the life of one of the most famous couples of the nineteenth century. Very interesting pseudo-medical inserted at the end of each interview describing in scientific personalities of the two famous personalities.

Cercenà Vanna
The fairest of them all. Sissi, Empress of Austria
EL publisher, 2005
A children's book that tells smoothly the life of Sissi. A volume very delicious to introduce our children the story of the Queen of Austria.
Reading age: 9 years.

Raymond Chevrier
Sissi, Elisabeth of Vie et destin d'Autriche
Minerva, 1987
A book with 278 illustrations on the history of the Empress Elizabeth accompanied by a careful description of his life.

Christomanos Constantin
Elizabeth d 'Austria in the diary pages of Constantin Christomanos
Adelphi, Milan, 1989
Life of the Empress seen through the eyes of the reader and teacher of greek analyzing step by step all the feelings of a sovereign that now anxiety and melancholy were exacerbated in fits and spurts. A book that makes us to know perfectly the mood of a woman with a tormented life.

Catherine Clemént
The waltz unfinished
Corbaccio, Milan, 1996
The history of the masquerade ball in which Sissi (Gabriella, for that night) dressed in yellow domino, meets a young officer in Vienna.
This is the beginning of a friendship lasting illegal for some time.

Catherine Clément
Sissi, the Empress anarchiste
Gallimard, 1992
In most linear tradition of booklets Gallimard, this volume condenses into text and images the history and myth of Elizabeth, telling as he anticipated the times of a modern Europe with his character and his rebellious spirit. The Clement shows the reader the Sissi unknown Republican, poet, anarchist at heart. In French.

Egon Corti
Empress Elisabeth
Mondadori, Milan, 1935
First serious biography dedicated to Elizabeth. Respect and remember the loving author tries to prevent him from exposing the Empress with criticism and analysis, but the anecdotal evidence is absolutely exquisite. Reprinted several times.

De Carli Szabados Roman
Myths Imperial
Goliardic editions, Trieste, 1998
Reconstruction of the events that led to the fall of the Habsburg Empire seen through the public affairs and deprive of Elizabeth. Volume excessively verbose that does not take away or add anything to what has already been said about the character. Expensive.

Jean Des Cars
Sissi ou la fatalité
Perrin, 2003
Starting to talk about the films of Romy Schneider, how they have helped to lay the foundations for the myth of the Princess Jean des Cars gives us a fairly complete biography, telling how the movie character differs profoundly from that real and historical. In French.

Marcel D'Isard
Editors SA, Barcelona
Fictionalized biography unpretentious with beautiful black and white illustrations made especially for this edition.

Marcel D'Isard
The alegria de Sissi
Editorial Bruguera, Barcelona
Fictionalized biography in Spanish illustrated by 250 plates comics drawn by Angel Pardo.

Hortense Dufour
Sissi, les Forces du destin
Jai lu, 2006
The marriage of Francis Joseph is announced as a marriage of love, so that the emperor wrote his happiness to his friend the Tsar of Russia. A beautiful little girl dressed in pink for a short time allowed him to forget the problems of state and war imminent. A biography that presents the real personality of Sissi with the certainty that she went to meet a greater destiny for her. In French.

Faggioni Silvano
Dinner with Sissi
Reverdito Editions, Verona, 1992
Collection of recipes from the time and place of Sissi.

Brigitte Hamann
Tea, Milan, 1995
One of the most famous and most complete biographies of Elizabeth, the result of painstaking research and detailed. Recommended for those who come for the first time in this character so unique.

Brigitte Hamann
Taschen, Cologne, 1997
Brigitte Hanna lends his infinite knowledge of the character to create a frame captions to a beautiful illustrated book produced in the best tradition Taschen. Paperback edition, and less expensive, the beautiful volumone same photo edited by Hamann.

Brigitte Hamann
SISIS Familienalbum
Harenberg Kalender Verlag, Vienna, 1989
Very fascinating little book, in which are collected the photos of the little-known family Wittelsbach and Habsburg. Photos of Sissi, roughly parallel those almost unknown brothers and sisters, cousins, ladies in waiting of the Dukes in Bavaria and Empress, in the period in which he lived in the Hofburg.

Brigitte Hamann
Poetic diary
MGS Press, Trieste, 1998
The poetic work of Elizabeth is between January 1885 and winter 1888-1889ed is strong enough to be seen as a sort of personal diary around the age of fifty years.
In it pours, without restraint, all his feelings, showing his dislikes, his anti-clerical beliefs, his contempt for the aristocracy and that it was not the imperial house. One way to know the real Sissi.

Brigitte Hamann
Elisabeth. Bilder einer Kaiserin
Amalthea, Vienna, 1998
Historical re-release of the photographic book published several times a year ago from Hamann, but here presented in a final version, revised and corrected. Special edition on the occasion of the celebrations organized for the centenary of the death of Elizabeth.

Joan Haslip
Elisabeth of Austria
Dall'Oglio, Milan, 1965
Even before Brigitte Hamann put order in the confusion myth of Sissi, the Haslip offers an interesting essay today it is still modern, attractive and well-written. After the Court of Auditors respectful work, this remains one of the most complete and comprehensive biographies ever written about the character. Some imprecision does not affect the pleasure of reading it.

  Hofbauer Renate
The Empress Elizabeth of Austria 1837-1898
Austria Imperial Edition, Vienna, 2006
Beautiful photo book on sale at all Austrian museums, offers a correct reconstruction of the biographical character together with a valuable proposition iconography. Too bad the print quality leaves much to be desired.

Georg Kugler
Franz Joseph and Elizabeth
Bonechi Verlag, Graz
Book of photographs with full captions and text accompanying sold as illustrated guide to visit the castles inhabited by the imperial family. Rich from the point of view of the proposal iconographic and well printed.

May Mauro
Freely, 2008
Biography summed up but hardly kidnaps the reader more educated proposing something new.

Margit Szabo
Sisi Képeskoenyve
Aquincum Kiado, Budapest, 2007
The memory of Queen Elizabeth is kept alive by the Hungarian people in the political system, constitutional forms and national boundaries. Most of the buildings, bridges and places in his honor have been preserved. Some works were destroyed during the most turbulent periods of Hungarian history, others have been discovered and, after the change of regime, have returned to once again be a symbol of remembrance. This book of photographs, true to its title shows the places of the past and present dedicated to her with more than 250 photos.

Matray and Mary Krueger Answald
The attack
MGS Press, Trieste, 1998
Careful and sophisticated reconstruction of the events that preceded and followed the bombing of Geneva.

Ludwig Merkle
Sissi - The tragic empress
Stiebner Edition, Monaco, 2001
Photographic book well done with full text and comprehensive browsing the aspects and places linked to the myth of Sissi with particular attention to its castles favorites.

Micaelli Battani Angela
Who killed Elizabeth of Austria? Anatomy of a death
Editions Medici, Florence, 2002
Interesting proposal more or less daring theories developed around the assassination of the Empress of Austria and the facts of Mayerling. Delicious.

  Millo Alessandra - Monaco Linen
Sissi, Empress sad
A small volume, which summarizes the life of sovranasuddivisa in agile chapters. The illustrations is the same for the other volumes dedicated to Sissi by Giunti.

Ana Moix
Waltz black. The life story of Sissi,
and. E / O, 2003
Halfway between the historical novel and the fictional biography, Waltz black once again the myth of Elizabeth of Bavaria. A book very disappointing in my opinion, because of distractions and too boring.

  Gerda Mraz - Fischer-Westhauser Ulla
Elisabeth: Prinzessin in Bayern, Kaiserin von Österreich, Königin von Ungarn
Brandstätter Verlag, Vienna, 2008
A valuable illustrated book, which offers one of the largest collections of photos sull'imperatrice Elizabeth, produced with the participation of the Bildarchiv der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek in Vienna.

Peter Müller
Auf Reisen mit Sisi
Pichler Verlag, Vienna, 2002
The places visited and loved by Sissi told through a series of photographs of prezioissima that we return them with the same atmosphere that enchanted Empress: Paris, Corfu, Algiers, Caro, Naples, Athens.

Maurice Paleologue
Elisabeth d'Autriche
Plon, Paris, 1939
Accurate biography, although a little 'fictionalized, among the first to be published in France. The author focuses primarily on peculiarities of the character of the Empress analyzing it and putting it in comparison with that of other members of the royal family of Bavaria.

Praschl-Bichler Gabriele
The true story of Princess Sissi
Salani, 2000
A lovely volume created by the author for an audience of only children. Very cute and very easy to read. A gift for all those children who want to learn about the history of the much famous princess Sissi.

Praschl-Bichler Gabriele
Empress Elisabeth
Longanesi, MIlan, 2001
A biography of Elizabeth who, over several chapters well-proportioned relationships with themselves and with others. Interesting, though often a bit 'too risky, psychological analysis.

Roher Josef
Sisi in Meran kleine Fluchten einer Kaiserin,
Folio Verlag, 2008
The stay of an empress restless, always on the run from court ceremonial and of itself. Four trips took her to Tyrol between 1870 and 1897. Based on the press of the time, archival material and, in part, of unpublished letters, this book reports for the first time experiences in Sissi "Balcony south of the Monarchy." Also available in Italian under the title: "Sissi Merano".

Petra Karin Rudolph
Einer Kaiserin Sissi das Leben
Burgschmiet Verlag, Nuremberg, 1998
Valuable collection of photographs on the three films of Ernst Marischka with Romy Schneider, this volume contains a large amount of frames photographed directly from the films.

Schafer Martin
Siss. Glanz und einer Tragik Kaiserini
Heyne, Monaco, 2007
Biography with images. In German.

Seemann Helfried - Lunzer Christian
Das österreichisch-ungarische Kaiserhaus 1860-1918
Album Verlag fur Photografie, 1995
Volume without many pretensions, which are collected numerous images of the imperial family of Austria, by the marriage of Emperor Franz Joseph, until the fall of one of the most powerful monarchies in Europe.

Harald Seyrl
Der Tod der Kaiserin
Seyrl Edition, Vienna, 1998
Precious volumone that collects the images of the pages of the major newspapers of the empire that reported the news of the death of Elizabeth. The whole effect of unpublished photographs, drawings and testimonies are very important.

Elena Sica
The eagle and the gull. The story of Princess Sissi
Renzo Publisher
A book that I do not recommend at all. It is very well written, but I read a lot sull'imperatrice Elizabeth, and this book left me speechless. Can not be considered a biography, as a novel, considering that there are episodes invented out of whole cloth and never happened. Mysterious abortions, illegitimate daughters, homosexuality, the emperor that he would kill his son ...

Stadtlaender C.
Sisi day geheimen Schoenheitsrezepte der Kaiserin und des Hofes
Athesia Spectrum, 2006
Legend has it that the Empress Elizabeth was one of the most beautiful women of her time. She was known for his conceit and attachment aesthetics. The daily care of her beauty was performed from head to toe: from long hair to the teeth and served multiple objects and a large amount of time. In this book we find effective beauty recipes, newly discovered, which she designed.

Sztaray Irma
Mes années avec Sissi
Payot, 2007
Diary of Irma Sztaray, the Hungarian countess who in 1894 became the maid of honor of Sissi. Together they visited the French Riviera, Greece, Naples and San Remo up to the tragic end of Geneva. With this Hungarian lady who accompanied Sissi in his travels and in her exhausting walk, we have a glimpse of the different character Elizabeth. A tortured soul, a creature already estranged from the world in motion could only feel free and herself. In French.

Johannes Thiele
Elisabeth - Bilders ihres Lebens
Uberreuter, Vienna, 1998
Photographic volume divided by arguments that collects a large amount of iconographic material relating to private and public life of the empress.

Thiele Johann
Geliebte Sissi
Buch Verlag fur die Frau, Vienna, 2007
Delicious collection of photos and portraits in a format that probably earns this booklet the primacy of "smaller book" ever dedicated to Sissi.

Thomas Trenkler
Sisi in Vienna retracing the empress' footsteps
Ueberreuter, 2005
Starting with a biography focused on the life of Sisi in Vienna, this rich guide includes all the historical sites where the empress lived or where he left his mark, taking into consideration palaces, churches and monuments.

Matthew Tuveri
Tabularium. Considerations of Elisabeth of Austria
Arachne, Rome, 2007
Careful student of the character, Matthew Tuveri offers the reader a long and well-made reflection on the lesser-known aspects of a character so famous. All with particular attention paid to the Empress view as a feminist avant la lettre and as a tireless traveler. Excellent reflections gained by analyzing the poems.

Matthew Tuveri
Mirrors at oblique angles - Poetic Diary of Elizabeth of Austria
Arachne, Rome, 2007
Analysis of the most important poems written by Elizabeth.

Katrin Unterreiner
Sisi Myth and Truth
Christian Brandstetter Verlag, Vienna, 2005
Katrin Unterreiner, former curator of the Sisi Museum in Vienna, by a beautiful booklet that covers step by step the myth of Sissi doing the slalom between truth and legend. Small but esaurientissimo and well done, with great photographic system.

Edi Vesco
Sissi. A rebel at the court of Vienna
Sperling & Kupfer, Milan, 2004
A children's book that deals with the early life of the empress, from birth to marriage and subsequent engagement with Franz Joseph.

Susanne Walter
Sisi's castele of dream
Wien Museum, Vienna, 1986
Booklet on sale at the ticket office of Hermessvilla. The author traces the story with great documentation of the villa Franz Joseph gave his wife.

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1 Nicol Avril Life and Legend of an Empress Sissi Oscar Mondadori 2 Maria Valeria D'Habsburgs his favorite MGS Press
3 The attack Maria Matray Auscwald Kruger (The death of the Empress Elizabeth and the murder of the anarchist Lucheni) MGS Press
4 Elizabeth of Austria in the diary pages of Constantine Christomanos
5 Elizabeth of Austria Diary poetic MGS Press
6 The Lonely Empress Elisabeth of Austria Joan Haslip
7 Sissi Brigitte Hamann Tea
8 Erica Bestenreiner The empress sissi (story of Elizabeth of Austria and his brothers)
  9 Black Waltz's account of the life of Sissi ed and / or Anna Moix
  10 The true story of Princess Sissi Gabrielle PraschlBichler Salani
11 Atlas of Empress Sissi sad story.
12 Elisabeth Burnat The story of Empress Sissi of people Sonzogno
13 Elena Sica The eagle and the gull and Renzo
14 Empress Elisabeth Gabriele Praschl Bichler
15 The book of Sissi Elena Bizjak Win
16 Atlas of knowledge Empress Sissi rebel
  17 Egone Count Corti Empress Elisabeth Mondadori 1935 
18 Brigitte Bilder einer Kaiserin Elisabeth Haman
19 Haslip JOAN ELIZABETH OF AUSTRIA. Dall'Oglio, 1967
26 "Elisabeth d'Autriche" Henry Vallotton-Arthème Fayard 1957
27 Jean de Cars Elisabeth d'Autriche ou la fatalité

I'm really proud that my page and my site has been chosen to make known this book, I've read the review on the site and indicated to me seemed very nice and intriguing.
I hope there's also the Italian version otherwise I will read it in EEnglish.
Today I have recevid in Inbox of my mail this mail
I have a book coming out in March, 2015, called "Stealing Sisi's Star: How a Master Thief Nearly Got Away With Austria's Most Famous Jewel." I follow your Facebook page "Sisi (Elisabeth Empress of Austria) her world and her legend," and was hoping you might tell your followers about my book. You can learn more here:


Thank you so much for your consideration!
Best wishes,
Jennifer Bahney

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The book of Sisi Strasse

Our new travel book "Sisi's Road" was presented yesterday in Vienna by the author Mrs. Marilis Lunkenbein short, the project leader Mr Yury Kolesnichenko and Her Majesty herself presented to the public ...with Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie thanks so much to her for sharing ; there are Elisabeth in this book. If you interesed can you buy on amazon

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The Queen went to Merano five times , attracting the attention of the town aristocratic circles

Madonna di Campiglio, Carezza lake and above Merano. These are the places chosen by his wife of Francis Joseph for his escapes and longer by the imperial court of Vienna to the southern Tyrol .

Eager to retire in a sunny and sheltered from the wind , Empress Elisabeth of Austria , called Sissi, wintering at the castle of Nova or Trauttmansdorff in 1870 and in 1889.

Overall, the queen went to Merano five times , attracting the attention of the town aristocratic circles .

It can be said that Merano is famous international tourist center in large part to the presence of Sissi which then, as is right , it proves eternally grateful. The castle is now occupied by the Touriseum - Museum of Tourism - and is surrounded by botanical garden Trauttmansdorf .

In the historic rooms of the castle, beautifully restored , which were the private apartments of Emperor Franz Joseph and Empress Elisabeth , is now hosted a new permanent exhibition on the living room Sissi Merano .

In the three rooms you can find private objects that belonged to the empress and listen to one audio drama . From a balcony overlooking the courtyard, a sculpture that depicts Elizabeth , created by Aron Demetz , welcomes visitors to the castle .

The myth of Sissi and its presence south of the Brenner is dedicated to the book " Sissi in Merano" , edited by Josef Rohrer . "The book describes the most unusual aspects of this dominant figure , who in his private life he lived with many problems. In fact, a human being like everyone else . "

At his empress Merano has also dedicated one of his walks , and a path that leads the traveler curious to touch all the stages of stays meranesi of his Imperial Highness .


From site :

My past of  Marie Larisch

MGS Press - 255 p.

EUR 20.50

It 's always hard to dig deep into the personality of an historical character, especially if equipped with an introverted nature and elusive as that of the Empress Elizabeth of Austria, all better known as Sissi. Today, the already generous literature tells us about her, you add a title expected to be published by year MGS Press, a publishing house specializing in Trieste biographies and history. It is in fact the diary that her niece of the Empress, Maria Larisch, wrote after the death of the august aunt in order to justify its awkward position against the imperial family, who accused her of having an active role in the tragedy of Mayerling , where he was killed the Archduke Rudolph, ere to the throne and son of the Empress. Though replete with inaccuracies unmasked the chronicle of events, the diary of Marie Larisch is a complex mosaic tile fundamental of which draws the last, tragic years of an ancient dynasty. In addition it adds the chronicle of a life as adventurous few: favorite niece of the Empress of the world's greatest death in poverty.

from site :

It is an autobiography by Stephanie of Belgium, the unhappy wife of Archduke Rudolf of Hapsburg. The memoirs give a voice to the third star, or victim, dell'irrisolto "historical mystery" of Mayerling. Stephanie of Saxe Coburg Gotha, daughter of King Leopold II of Belgium, recounts his childhood spent among the coldness of the parents and the rigors of a court anticipates that the rigid discipline of the Vienna Hofburg, remembers the sad marriage to the heir of Francis Joseph, union intended for convenience and poorly accepted by both.

Princess Stephanie of Belgium

As I was Empress

Gabriella Ziani


From site: non fui Imperatrice&product_id=59

On the morning of January 30, 1889 sensational news shakes the Chancelleries and the Royal Houses of Europe. The Austrian Crown Prince Rudolph of Hapsburg , was found dead in the hunting lodge at Mayerling , a few kilometers from Vienna. His body lies beside that of a little girl in her teens , Baroness Mary Vetsera .
Thus began one of the most intriguing mysteries of the late nineteenth century, a yellow , not to mention a spy story that continues to fascinate historians and reporters all over the world even today .
From the first hours , there are too many details that do not fit. Beginning with the awkward reaction of the government and the Court of Austria- Hungary , who first speak of a " stroke " and then an act of " sudden madness" that would bring the Archduke to kill the young and then to take his life with a gunshot . A classic example of a murder-suicide , then, at least in appearance.
But is this the truth? The restless Rodolfo is a victim of its existential torment and of an impossible love ? Or nothing to do with the strong political disputes that divide the prince for years by his father , Emperor Franz Joseph, and environments " clerical- feudal " ? Or the young Hapsburg is involved in some obscure international conspiracy that aims to upset the precarious geopolitical balance of the Old Continent ?
Amodeo and Cereghino reconstruct the events piece by piece , with the air of detectives of contemporary history , comparing situations, characters , documents and testimonies. And the news there . It thus appears that Rodolfo and Maria are victims of a murder committed by one or more assassins. Beyond a reasonable doubt. A full-blown crime , therefore , dictated by political reasons , if not geopolitical . Confirmation of this is above all the secret reports drawn up by Prince Heinrich von Reuss - Ambassador of the German Reich in Vienna - that reveal , inter alia, the investigation conducted by the Apostolic Nuncio Msgr. Luigi Galimberti in the days immediately following the murder .
But the highlight of the story are top secret telegrams written by Sir Augustus Paget, the British ambassador to the Court of Vienna. They were found by the authors in the fall of 2012, in the British National Archives in Kew Gardens , south of London. It is unpublished documents that are published here for the first time. By comparison , the dispatches of von Reuss and Paget offer a truth quite different from the official one. Finally plausible. For the first time , perhaps, since 1889.
Mayerling , Anatomy of a Murder is a work halfway between the journalistic investigation and the judicial report , a book that will not fail to raise debate and controversy . In Italy and especially abroad.


Author: Fabio Amodeo & José Mario Cereghino
Title: Mayerling . Anatomy of a Murder
Preface :
Pages: 176

Elisabeth the last years
The Empress told by her court lady
Irma Sztaray

SECOND EDITION - First Italian translation of ALESSANDRA PICCININI / Edited by Cinzia BENUSSI . Writes the Countess Irma Sztàray : " The years run faster . By the time I get the impression that their wings rustling me touch on a more icy breath . Tremble . Autumn damp , cold winter already so close , I address their sad farewell. soon as I do , because life is quick too . Inspired by these considerations , I tried the letters I had written to my mother , I wanted to serve to compile a book of fond memories , a task that I had assigned during the most difficult hours of my life. such letters go back all the time when I was in the service of our august Empress and Queen Elizabeth , that I have written this sudden, faithfully accompanies him to the grave. know that my style is weak but, nevertheless , i feel it is my duty to undertake this work . lucky person to whom one day will be given to capture for posterity the figure of our august sovereign and paint this bright poetic nature , may use this modest booklet to portray Elizabeth. Can draw some peculiarities with which his portrait will be more complete and the revelations that come from the bottom of this good soul . Feeling lucky collaborator for this artist gives me great joy. Describing it as it was, through my warmest affection , I have the feeling to do something for her. " The countess died unmarried September 3, 1940 at the family estate of Sobrancz (Hungary) at the age of 76 years. Forty years had passed by the attack of Geneva, which took years to form the best memories of his life.


Author: Irma Sztàray
Title: Elisabeth , the last few years
Subtitle: The Empress told by her maid of honor
Preface : Cynthia Benussi
Pages: 184

Kaiser Franz Josef I Epistolario Imperial

Ninety exact from the death of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary, his correspondence is a valuable springboard for an agile dive into his private life and in his environment. Behind the impersonal phrases you discover the character with its flaws and qualities, his greatness and his littleness; that defined by the limits of its nature, the contradictions of his being and the dignity of his soul incontestable squirts out, making their way, not a great man, but a serious and honest person who is able to maintain a dignified his place as head of a monarchy rather complicated. The only goal towards which all his efforts had tended to reign, reign, reign and need and instinct ...


Author: Roman de Carli Szabados
Title: Kaiser Franz Joseph. letters imperial
Pages: 248

Site of the Mgs Press
if you click on the picture below you will go directly to the site. where you can find interesting books on Sisi and the Habsburgs

Roberto Coaloa

In his biography of the author rightly insists on peace efforts made ​​by Charles , in a way parallel with the work of Pope Benedict XV, in order to reach a peace that would save the survival of his empire and several million soldiers. The attempts made ​​by the brother Sixtus of Bourbon were, as you know, rooms, both for the French attitude , and Clemenceau in particular, is - Coaloa can not keep silent - for how miserable and awkward which is the same Sisto Charles moved, the first against the French government , and the second also to the German ally . Charles was in good faith there is no doubt but what they are worth in the political good faith and good intentions ?

You have to admit , as pointed out Coaloa , that the struggle of Charles found himself fighting was superior not only to his ability, but also to those of anyone else he were in his place. The Habsburg monarchy was not equipped to fight an ideological war ...................

from the author's website :

Royal Rebel. Psychological portrait of Rudolf of Habsburg
by John T. Salvendy

Prince Rudolf was a man full of contradictions impressive, raised in solitude, attentive to the facts of culture, natural scientist, a proponent of a liberal political, constitutional and anti-clerical in the court more conservative in Europe, in constant conflict with his father that that environment was the emblem. The author's objective is to build a bridge between history and psychiatry. This study is based on documentary analysis and historical bases interpreted in psychological terms. Provides new information showing the last couple of hereditary princes of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy in a different light.

P.S you can buy on the following website: